How To Vibrate Higher – Raise Your Frequency – To Connect With Universal Energies
Published On - December 11, 2021
Vibrate Higher

A few years after starting my spiritual journey, I decided to create Vibrate Higher, because I would like to do my share of helping people on the planet, that are in need of a small boost in confidence or help to reach a more positive state of mind.

Even if it’s just a few people I help to motivate, for me, it means everything especially in these times, of the ( Plandemic 🤔 ) and social engineering.

Believe it or not, many people ask me what it means to vibrate higher, so in this post, I will do my best to break it down so it’s easily understood.

How To Vibrate Higher

All physical matter is composed of vibration, our personal energy levels or vibrational frequency can be influenced and renewed if our vibration changes.

When you raise your vibrational frequency, you open yourself up to abundance, happiness, and a higher state of mind.

By understanding and learning how to exist on a higher energy frequency, will make you feel good on all levels of your being.

You will start to attract all things that are equivalent to your energetic frequency, just by understanding your daily energy cycles.

Every day you are transmitting thoughts and feelings into the universe, and when you alter that vibrational frequency, it affects your physical world.

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Different Types Of Energy

Physical Energy – This is the energy that helps you throughout the day, to carry out all of your physical tasks.

Mental Energy – This is the energy that helps you focus and gives you the ability to make decisions.

Emotional Energy – This is a very powerful energy, that creates your feelings around the experiences in your reality.

Spiritual Energy – This is the energy that gives you a sense of meaning, your passions, and purpose for all the things you encounter on this journey.

To Vibrate Higher

Is to identify the habits and conditions that deplete our energy levels and replace them with those that expand and help renew our vibration.

The following exercise will help you to increase your awareness by changing your vibrational levels and give you some insights to help regulate your energy.

Use the photo below to help you discover how your energy is affected by your outside circumstances and your inner perceptions, and also the habits you keep.

Vibrate Higher

Track your energy levels each hour, and ask yourself how you are feeling, for example, are you having a bad day and in survival mode,

Or is it a great day, and you have a higher vibration that is more emotional, physical, or spiritual 🤔

Red represents a low vibration, and from green to purple represents a high vibration 🤗

Make a mental note of anything that might be influencing your energy in that particular moment, like what you were doing? who were you with? and what environment were you in?

Don’t Stress

Bear in mind that you are not expected to have high levels of energy all of the time as this would be difficult and unnatural.

Try to do this for a few days, and when you have gathered enough data then ask yourself, at what times in the days were your energy levels the highest or lowest?.

What were you doing at those times? and who was around you at that moment?

Understanding what environments you were in when you had the highest level of energy.

Which things elevate your feeling state and energy, and how can you incorporate more of those things into your daily routine.

You will notice patterns, places, people, or things that create a higher level of energy, this is your vibrational frequency showing you the things that you want.

It is also an indication that your thoughts feelings and actions, in that particular moment are things that will do more of the same for you.

Low Energy

The lower frequency times, other than relaxation will indicate the things that don’t resonate with you or line up with the things you want.

More than likely these are the things that block some of your manifestations from being a part of your reality.

It’s important that you try to consciously create more of the higher frequencies and vibrations, by simply doing more of the things that you love and enjoy.

Practicing the art of carrying a dominant vibration that brings more of those things into your life until you are able to make a complete change.

Understanding the world around you and how your vibration affects it, will enable you to connect with the reality that fills your life with happiness 🤗

Namaste 🙏🏾


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