crystals for manifesting money – here are 6 of the most powerful
Published On - January 7, 2022
Crystals For Manifesting Money


Personal growth and manifesting money are a lot like apples and oranges.

They’re two different things but they can easily go together.

Crystals are also a powerful tool for manifesting and using them in your personal life as well as professional endeavors.

When you think of crystals, what comes to mind?

Some people may think of stones that are found on earth.

Others might think of the beautiful jewelry that can be made out of crystals.

Whatever your thoughts may be, these stones have been around since ancient times and have been used in many different ways.

Crystals have been used as amulets and ornaments, talismans and oracles, medicine, weapons, tools, and more recently in Feng Shui wall decorations.

Crystal Gem Stones

No matter what type of crystal you use for manifestation purposes, it’s important to understand the properties of crystals first.

Many different types of crystals will help manifest your desires, depending on how they work best for you.

You may find that one or two stones resonate with you more than others.

However, there are a few common types of crystals that have been proven to be helpful for manifesting money.

In this article, you will find 6 of the most popular crystals for manifesting money, also their properties.

● 1 Pyrite (Known As Fool’s Gold)

Crystals For Manifesting Money

Fool’s gold, also called pyrite, is a common form of sulfide ore that is typical of copper, though it can also be iron or nickel.

It has a metallic luster when found in nature and is often mistaken for other minerals like gold or silver.

In many cultures, fool’s gold is considered a good luck charm or an emblem of the wearer’s foolishness.

Pyrite takes its name from Pyrithian Sibyls, who were believed to have worn the mineral as protective amulets.

The Greeks used it in coins to imitate gold.

The Romans used this stone to protect against poisonous snake bites and poison arrows by rubbing it on their skin and clothing.

This practice was spread by the ancient Greek physician Galen in his book On Stones.

Crystal Gem Stones

Today, fool’s gold is still used as an ornamental stone – particularly when mixed with silver – and jewelry material.

However, it is believed that some people were able to manifest their dreams and desires by touching a piece of pyrite.

People also say that pyrite has the power to attract luck, money, and good fortune.

Try incorporating this into your life by carrying a piece of pyrite in your pocket or on your keychain.

It can be used as an effective tool for manifesting money.

It does not have any real value until someone decides to give it value.

Like Native Americans who would blow smoke onto pieces of this mineral to honor the Earth Mother’s spirits.

Pyrite is believed to bring good luck to those who wear it near their hearts in the form of gold and can attract wealth.

When worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket or purse, it is rumored that pyrite will draw money into your life.

This magical stone may also be used for attracting love.

So, if you want success with your manifestation process, keep a piece of Pyrite close by or carry one in your pocket or purse!

● 2 Citrine

A Citrine crystal is a high-vibration stone that is associated with the heart chakra.

It’s also linked with love, healing, and abundance.

Some of its other uses include balancing one’s emotions, relieving stress and calming fear.

They can be used as jewelry or in your home to bring in a sense of peace and calm.

Its color-changing properties and associations with the sun make it an excellent choice for daily healing and spiritual growth.

Citrine crystals have also been used for their cosmetic effects, such as promoting eye health.

Its most prominent property is its ability to improve mood and relieve anxiety.

For these reasons, citrine is a popular crystal for enhancing one’s personal well-being.

There is so much to say about the citrine crystal and how it has been used in various cultures over the years.

Its name has come from the Latin word “citrinus,” which means citrus fruits.

In fact, citrines have typically been referred to as lemon-colored quartz crystals and their energy is said to stimulate abundance and prosperity in life.

They are commonly associated with wealth luck, career success, love, and happiness.

Additionally, these gems are some of the most popular and sought-after crystals in today’s society.

● 3 Tiger’s-Eye

Tiger’s-eye jewelry is a gemstone with a beautiful, shimmering iridescent color.

Its name derives from the tiger’s eye’s unique pattern, which looks like a striped eye.

Tiger’s-eye has been used for centuries for both ornamentation and spiritual reasons such as healing, prosperity, and protection.

Ancient Egyptians used this stone in amulets to ward off evil spirits, while Romans believed that wearing a tiger eye would bring them good luck.

Tiger’s-eye is an opaque, brownish-black variety of quartz.

It is a stone with high vibration and healing energy,

which makes it a favorite among crystal healers.

Tiger’s-eye helps overcome fears, self-doubt, and negative thoughts by bringing light into areas of darkness.

It also has the ability to open one’s third eye chakra, which increases clairvoyance and telepathic abilities.

This stone can help one see and understand the patterns of their lives in order to move on from their past traumas or unhealthy patterns.

One famous use is to ward off evil spirits or to protect against hexes, curses, and any other magic spells.

The Tiger’s-eye stone is believed to have good luck.

It can also be used as a meditation tool when held in your hand while you think deeply about what you want to accomplish with your life.

● 4 Green Aventurine

Aventurine is a beautiful stone that has the ability to take your energy and transform it.

It is said to release and pull things that are stagnant from within, which helps us find new ways to live our lives.

Aventurine can be used in meditation, rituals, and dreamwork.

It can be helpful for releasing guilt about past actions or feelings of unworthiness.

The stone helps us come into our own power and self-love, so we’re more likely to live in alignment with our true selves.

Aventurine is a kind of quartz gemstone that can be found in green, yellow, brown, and even blue colors.

Crystal Gem Stones

Aventurine is known for its healing properties as it emits positive energy.

It’s also a symbol of balance, prosperity, and good luck.

As a crystal, aventurine can help with issues such as infertility, emotional blockages, and spiritual growth.

With its rich color and auspicious meaning, the significance of the green aventurine crystal is undeniable.

● 5 Malachite

Polished malachite isolated on a white background


Malachite is a green mineral that is a variety of copper carbonate.

The name comes from the Arabic word for “one who has seen” because the stone’s color is reminiscent of leaves.

It can be found in many places including Brazil, Australia, Afghanistan, and Argentina.

This beautiful gemstone has also been used for centuries in many different cultures for its unique properties.

Malachite stones are popularly used as decorative pieces and can also be used to make jewelry or other items like vases and pottery.

The most prized colors are a beautiful, translucent, emerald green and a deep, forest green.

Malachite is not as common as other gems like quartz or amethyst. It can be difficult to cut because the crystals often break apart easily and there is a variant in the hardness of the crystals.

Because of this, it’s more difficult to craft jewelry with malachite than some other gemstones.

However, it is becoming more popular as part of alternative healing tools and meditation implements.

Malachite is also used to protect people and their possessions.

It can also be used as a healing crystal.

Malachite is very well known for its protection against negativity, especially psychic attacks.

You can use malachite to manifest your dreams and achieve anything you want in life.

If you want more money, just wear a piece of malachite around your neck or carry it with you.

● 6 Amethyst

Amethyst crystal is another of my favorite crystals, to have around the house.

This mystical and powerful crystal is known as the stone of love and friendship.

Amethysts have been used for centuries to release tension, promote tranquility, and strengthen mental focus.

These amazing amethyst crystals can also be combined with other stones such as turquoise to create a beautiful necklace or bracelet.

Additionally, amethyst crystals work on the energetic level to change thoughts and feelings from negative to positive.

If you have ever wanted to manifest more money, then you might want to think about carrying amethyst with you everywhere.

Amethyst is a natural stone that will help energize your aura and has been known to increase prosperity and abundance in people who carry it.

It is also said to help with financial success, which is perfect for those of us who need a little luck.

Wear amethyst when you’re feeling ungrounded.

If your spirit feels disconnected from the physical world and you’re feeling lonely, these feelings will be amplified if you don’t have amethyst on you.

Amethyst can help ground you and bring you back to the present moment.

Wear amethysts when you want to attract more money into your life or manifest your ideal career.

Wear amethyst when you want to feel more powerful or when you want to connect with higher realms of consciousness.

It is also said to help with mental clarity and spiritual awareness, which are both important for success in all areas of life.

How To Use Crystals To Manifest Your Desires

We’re born with the ability to manifest what we want in our lives.

But sometimes, our minds get in the way of the process. This is where crystals come in handy.

Crystal healing can help to clear any energetic blocks or fears that are preventing you from attracting what you want in your life.

Crystals are stones that are known for their vibrational healing properties and impressive metaphysical abilities.

They can be used to align yourself with your higher self, heal the body, clear the mind, and promote peace and tranquility in your surroundings.

When it comes to manifesting abundance, many people find that using crystals is a powerful tool.

Because they have an innate ability to help untangle the web of negative energy surrounding money issues.

The spiritual properties of these stones can help release blocks and fears that are preventing your desires from coming into reality—the only thing you need is intention.

One simple way crystals have been shown to manifest abundance is by placing them around your home or workplace for protection against negative energies.

Or, if you’re looking for something more out-of-the-box, try carrying a crystal with you wherever you go!

Crystal Gem Stones


Crystals offer a variety of benefits for your life, no matter what you’re going to use them for.

If you’re looking for help with manifestation and abundance, the power of these stones can help you manifest more money and provide tranquility and calmness.

Consider using crystals as a tool to boost your self-confidence.

They can also help you feel more connected to the world around you and deepen your spiritual understanding.

Furthermore, they can promote healing and boost your energy level.

Crystals will not do miracles alone, however, they can be very helpful in bringing about positive change in your life.

The key is to know the right crystals to use, what they can do for you, and most importantly, how to use them.

Namaste 🙏🏾

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