Kundalini Awakening – What It Is And How To Know If You’re Experiencing It
Published On - February 25, 2022
Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini energy is the most powerful of all known forms of energy in this universe. Kundalini is a dormant energy within every human being.

That lays at the base of the spine, and once awakened, can be channeled to higher chakras to achieve enlightenment.

Kundalini awakening, also known as kriyayoga or shaktipat, is an experience that can radically alter the life of a person who has had it.

A kundalini awakening often includes energetic sensations, a feeling of being out of one’s body, deep meditation experiences, and sometimes psychic abilities or even paranormal experiences.

Understanding what Kundalini is can be difficult because it is such a vast topic, but this article will help you understand what it is.

How to know you’re experiencing Kundalini, and most importantly tell you how to deal with it.

What is kundalini awakening?

Kundalini (Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी kuṇḍalinī, pronunciation ) is a form of divine feminine energy believed to be located at the base of the spine.

That rises upwards through your chakras, leading to the crown chakra.

The kundalini energy is often described as a female serpent, but it is also known as ‘the goddess’, or ‘the divine mother’.

People who have had kundalini awakenings often report experiencing a variety of effects, ranging from deeply profound feelings of bliss and ecstasy to intense feelings of fear, confusion and anxiety.

Kundalini awakening is also known as kundalini rising.

It is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts like the Rig Veda, and tantric Yoga texts such as the Upanishads.

Kundalini has recently been receiving more attention thanks to modern-day teachers like Alan Watts, who made some fascinating lectures on the topic back in the 1960s.

Healing practices like yoga and meditation are believed to help take control of this powerful energy,

Before we can experience this energy awakening in ourselves, we must first be ready to experience it.

When we are ready, the kundalini will awaken naturally on its own. or intentionally, through taking psychedelics such as ayahuasca.

Kundalini awakening symptoms

If you’re experiencing kundalini awakening, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

● An intense feeling that you’re on the verge of a massive life change.

● A sudden shift in spirituality, which can include a heavy emotional feeling and/or actual physical changes to your body.

● The development of psychic abilities, such as intuition or out-of-body experiences.

● Deep spiritual revelations about yourself, others, or the world around you.

● You’re having a hard time controlling your emotions or thoughts you feel like you’re going crazy.

● You feel like you have superpowers and are able to do things that you never thought were possible before.

● You’re experiencing strange bodily sensations, like the feeling of electricity running through your body, or the feeling of something moving inside of you.

● Your perception of reality has changed, and you feel like you can see behind the “veil” of illusion that most people live in.

● You are more sensitive to light and sound than you used to be and too much stimulation makes you anxious or nervous.

● You’re experiencing extreme heat or cold in your body, even though the temperature around you doesn’t make it seem necessary or logical to experience such changes in temperature within your body.

● You’re craving solitude and alone time, especially away from other people because they drain rather than energize you.

● Your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day without any logical explanation for why this is occurring.

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Kundalini Benefits

Kundalini Awakening is a spiritual awakening it is a process that can be achieved and experienced by every human on this planet.

This energy is an essential force that stimulates the growth of our consciousness, as well as the manifestation of our reality in this world.

It is literally a force that allows us to transcend into higher levels of existence.

There are many benefits to experiencing Kundalini Awakening, and they extend far beyond physical healing and mental clarity.

Here are some of the most important benefits of Kundalini Awakening!

● Release trauma

● It can create a sense of balance inside you

● It unites your awareness with the universal energy which you are always connected to but unaware of

● It can bring about a state of bliss in which you feel happiness, peace, energy, creativity, and love

● It can give you deep insights into your life, such as current blocks that need to be removed for growth

● The process can also lead to deep spiritual practices (such as meditation)

● You can experience an intense connection with nature

● Heal past wounds and past lives

● Become more creative

● Experience moments of unity or oneness with the universe

Kundalini awakening

What to Do If You’re Experiencing Kundalini awakening

If you’re experiencing kundalini awakening, it can be very intense.

This is a process that will take time and patience. You may find yourself feeling “stuck” in your daily life.

And if you continue to ignore your spiritual awakening, the process will become uncomfortable and you may feel more stressed than ever before.

It’s important to know how to deal with your rising kundalini energy when it occurs.

You can try meditation or yoga for relief. Deep breathing is a good way to release stress and tension from the body.

This can also help soothe your nervous system, which may be overstimulated as a result of kundalini awakening.

Additionally, yoga is believed to help strengthen the spine and increase flexibility in the muscles around the neck and shoulders, both of which are common from this phenomenon.

Lastly, meditation helps calm the mind and regulate our thoughts something any spiritual seeker would benefit from when they’re experiencing kundalini awakening!

The Connection Between Kundalini and Psychedelics

Psychedelics have been shown to have positive effects on our minds and bodies.

This means that kundalini and psychedelics often go hand in hand with each other because they can be seen as paths to enlightenment.

Psychedelics work by increasing the activity of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, namely serotonin.

In some cases, psychedelics are thought to increase serotonin for long periods of time.

This leads to increased feelings of well-being and happiness, which could lead someone who’s experiencing a negative spiritual or mental state to feel uplifted.

For yogis who are also on a quest for enlightenment, psychedelics could potentially offer insights into the spiritual realm without having to meditate for hours at a time.

The Effects of Kundalini or Psychedelics Alone

While both of these options can help us to achieve a higher level of consciousness, they also have their drawbacks.

Kundalini and psychedelics are not for everyone, if someone has spiritual inclinations, then kundalini might be a better option for them.

But if someone is looking for a quick fix, then psychedelics might be better suited for them.


It’s possible that psychedelics can induce temporary psychosis in those who are predisposed to mental illness.

LSD has also been shown to cause flashbacks years after use. Additionally, psychedelics may lead to addiction or dependency issues in some users.


On the other hand, Kundalini has few side effects, but it can be difficult to cultivate without the right guidance.

It can take many years of practice to master and requires a lot of patience and dedication on the part of the practitioner.

For those who don’t have the time or interest in doing so, it might be best to stick with psychedelics instead.

How to Enhance the Effects of Kundalini or Psychedelics

There are ways to make the effects of kundalini and psychedelics more powerful. One way is to meditate before or during the experience.

Another way is to practice yoga and pranayama, which can help you stay grounded, calm, and centered.

You can also try practices like Anapana (breathing meditation), Ekagrata (one-pointed focus), and Dharana (concentration).

So how do these two practices work together? Kundalini fuels our awakening, while psychedelics can help us get in touch with powerful healing energy.

When combined, they can offer a more holistic approach to spiritual development while also stimulating healing on a physical level.

Is it bad to combine the two?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the connection between kundalini and psychedelics.

Some people think it is bad to combine the two because they hope for a more traditional enlightenment through kundalini.

However, others argue that there is nothing wrong with combining them and that psychedelics can actually help you open up your third eye and unlock the secrets of the universe.

One thing to consider is that many people who have tried both say that both are very different experiences.

As time goes on and we learn more about both of these experiences, people will be able to make more informed decisions about whether or not they want to try them together.

There are clearly risks, so be sure to do your research before you go down this route.


The kundalini awakening is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the human body, and it is the reason for spontaneous spiritual experiences.

The results of this physical process can be seen as bodily or emotional reactions, such as changes in behavior, mood swings, or deep feelings of love and compassion.

You may experience higher levels of energy or feel increased mental clarity.

Many also find themselves witnessing a flow of new ideas they cannot explain.

The goal of awakening the Kundalini is to bring you closer to spiritual enlightenment and a higher level of consciousness.

Kundalini awakening isn’t for everyone. It’s a powerful and life-changing experience, so if you feel that this is happening, listen to your body and pay attention to your inner voice.

And consult an experienced practitioner who has studied the philosophy around kundalini awakening so they can help guide you through this process.

Namaste 🙏🏾

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