My Amazing Astral Travel Or (OBE) Out Of Body Experience?
Published On - September 11, 2021
astral travel

First of all, Please be aware that LyndonDavis.Com does not condone the use of any recreational drugs. Even though this post may refer to the use of them.

I am simply sharing my experience and being authentically myself. But DRUGS CAN HARM, so please don’t take this post as any form of endorsement.

So stay safe and keep your Vibration High!

My Experience of (OBE)

In this post, I will share something I experienced back in 1995, I used to dabble in what we called the love drug also known as Ecstasy or E’s. It was a time when the rave scene was taking the

UK by storm and due to my inquisitive and fun-loving, nature I was certainly partial to the odd Ecstacy Pill.

However, something happened, that caused a major shift deep inside me which also took a staggering 26 years for me to understand its significance.

The purpose of this post is to share that experience with you!

Read on to find out how the events of that particular night unfold and even more intriguingly how they led to an Astral Travel or (OBE) Out Of Body Experience?

Out Of Body Experience

It was a Friday night, I and Michelle my girlfriend at the time, visited our usual spot, to enjoy a drink and catch up with friends.

The evening got off to a fantastic start, as we moved between bars and clubs, dancing, socializing, and generally loving life and the moment.

Looking back it seems so strange but I still get that tingling sensation, almost like a natural high. Fridays were exciting and we really enjoyed the experience of taking ecstasy pills together back then.

The only way to describe the euphoric feeling is “Ecstasy” excuse the pun πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ feelings of sheer pleasure, well-being, increased sociability, the loving philanthropic connection we would feel toward other people.

Gave us incredible heights of happiness that were out of this world. It removed any inhibitors, opening me up to discuss subjects I would never have normally entertained.

As the night progressed we headed home as dancing and partying was not the only benefits of taking Ecstacy, the other benefit was Spicing things up in the bedroom 😜

Something Was Wrong!

Towards the latter end of the night, as we both lie happy, satisfied but extremely exhausted. in a small but comfy room that was cool and well ventilated allowing the fresh scent of the breeze to circulate the room.,

The curtains were plain thick and dark enough to hamper any potential signs of daybreak. As I lie on my front sharing an all-weather quilt that kept us cool but also warm when the breeze carried with it cold caress.

Michelle was laid to my side, with the soft touch of her arm gently resting across the base of my back, the feel of her body heat subtle and sweet. As I lay comfy and content I began to drift off into a deep sleep,

In what began as very deep sleep, I became consciously aware of what I can only describe as subtle vibrations murmuring throughout the whole of my body.

The vibration I could feel began to increase its intensity. Vortexes of energy began to flow throughout my physical body.

Angel Numbers

As the intensity continued to increase, my body began to shake, starting off mildly then increasing to a violent crescendo of shaking.

Which cause me to open my eyes, at this point, I was totally disorientated as my mind raced to make sense of the strange but surreal experience I was going through, once I came to a realization of my surroundings.

I was astonished at what I could see! I was looking down at my back as my body lay in what seemed to be the comfy state I had awoken from.

This new awareness of me was floating slowly away from the physical body that lay still and motionless next to Michelle.

I continued to rise higher and higher from what I identified as my body. The question is if that was my body then what was the new awareness that clearly housed my consciousness. Is Consciousness Non-local To The Body.

It was as if I was also looking at a movie reel akin to the life reviews people encounter when they recount memories of Near-death Experiences or NDE’s.

I started to see my life experience flash in front of me so vividly I could feel both my own emotions and the emotions of those I encountered.

There was a sense of connectedness – a wholeness I have never before felt almost as if I was an intricate piece from a tapestry or web of infinite Love πŸ’• and Unity.

Separation became what felt like a tangible illusion and the only truth at that moment was 🌍neness.

No sooner had I been distracted by this new and intense reality, my logical human mind kicked back in and I immediately started to panic trying my hardest to get back into my body.

All I could see was a vortex of what I could only describe as energy. This was clearly my energy body not like the physical form but so much more real in that moment.

I was aware of the vortexes rippling through space as my how can I put it my 3rd-dimensional mind responded to type.

Although my energy body was more of an awareness than a vision my awareness made it plain that the movement of energy represented what would have been my physical arms seen from a 3D perspective.

As the energy thrashed torn between the physical and non-physical I consciously tried to pull myself back into the body but to no avail, my energy body just passed through my physical body, I was finding it impossible to reconnect why myself βš•οΈ

When I got to a certain height away from my body realizing that there was no way back, I just told myself I was dying.

I felt a certain peace come over me, I decided to let go of the struggle for a few moments and accept that this must be it, I finally succumbed to my own demise 😱



A few moments later, I thought I would try one last time to get back into my physical body so I kind of lunged forward one last time, I felt and heard a big bang.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying face upwards and found Michelle sitting over me crying and trembling asking me what was up, telling me that my body started shaking violently then I stopped breathing for quite some time.

What Had Just Happned?

I had no clue or explanation to what had just occurred, all I know is that I had just gone through something very freaky, scary, and out of the ordinary.

What was this all about? Them particular feelings and the experience freaked me right out, I found myself questioning this situation in my head over and over again, what just happened to me πŸ€”  did I die πŸ€” was it the Ecstasy πŸ€”

Really I could not make head or tails to what had just happened to me, all I know is that it was so real I could not make this up.

Over the following years, I would always think of that day, I never told anyone about that experience only my younger brother Matthew, as he was always there to listen to me, in ways other people just wouldn’t,

I always remember the look on Michelle’s face as I opened my eyes and saw the absolute terror in her eyes 😳 


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26 Years Later

And now well into my spiritual journey, one day after meditation, I heard the words Astral travel come into my head, for some unknown reason πŸ€”  which lead me to start looking for literature covering this particular subject.

Understanding the phrase ( when the student is ready the teacher appears ) I started on a quest to understand what Astral Travel or (OBE) out of body experience, I started reading many books to gain an understanding and to also try and grasp what actually happened to me all those years ago in 1995 πŸ‘»

Out of the many books I read, one comes to mind, Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman, this book explains how to become an explorer of multiple realities!

And teaches you the truth about past lives, the soul, and also life after death. Out-of-body experiences can not only expand your consciousness, but they can also help verify to you the existence of the soul.

A True (OBE) Out Of Body Experience

I true Out of body experience is something that will change the way you look at life, and all of your old beliefs will be washed away, you will no longer fear things such as death because now you will have the understanding that there is no such thing as death.

The body which you possess right now is just a vehicle that carries your consciousness, on this plane of reality, and when the physical body dies you continue in a different realm, on your learning experience!

There are many ways to leave your body, OBE is just one of many, the most exciting is full Astral Travel, wherein you get to leave your body and travel to different destinations, meet with angles, loved ones that have passed on, and spirit guides.

Also, many people have encountered extraterrestrial beings whilst astral traveling and gained a higher knowledge, there are no restrictions once your consciousness has separated from your physical body.

Your natural abilities such as healing, telepathy, remote viewing, just to name a few start to develop, now I also know exactly what happened to me all of them years ago in 1995, I had an (OBE) Out Of Body Experience.

From what I can make of the experience that I had 26 years ago, It was a very close shave for me as it could have been my last time on this physical plane, as it was induced by taking a harmful substance such as Ecstacy.

Angel Numbers

Adventures Beyond the Body

But if practiced properly, (OBE) or Out Of Body experiences are very safe to do, as long as you are healthy in body and mind, and practice it in a safe environment such as within your own home, learn the meditation technics in order to relax the body, plus the technics that will help you leave your physical body.

It’s truly a blast you become supernatural, and you can travel however you want, wanna fly then fly! you will have to master this but nothing is impossible

There is nothing to fear, the moment you become startled or scared because the experience is new to you. immediately you will jump straight back into your body.

There are hundreds of books, that will help you to develop your natural god-given skills, teach you what to expect when leaving your body, also give you insights into some of the amazing places you can visit.

And help you recognize all of the entities you might bump into on your journeys, whether they are Spirit Guides, Angles, Extrateresrial, Or just some low vibration beings

I will leave links to the books that have helped me the most in my quest for knowledge, and those of you that would like to know exactly how to make it work for you. just like the ancient civilizations.

Adventures Beyond The Body

Last words

Knowing what I know now growing up in a religious household, I have come to understand that much of the teachings I was taught, from my parents no fault of there’s as knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.

But there is so much that we have not been told, why? who knows the reason such powerful things are kept from us, especially if it aids in our spiritual and personal growth.

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