Do We Live In The Matrix?
Published On - June 5, 2021

Do We really Live In The Matrix? We believe that there are unlimited power and lots of knowledge we can access out there. However, you will also find a lot of people whose main belief is that we live in a simulation and nothing is real.

Some things are always out of our control such as weather, the day and night cycle, or where we are in the Universe.

This prompted people such as Elon Musk to believe that we are actually a part of a simulation and our life is not as real as we might think. 

In fact, Musk believes that we live in a simulation. He paraphrases his idea with a comparison between Pong, which we had 40 years ago, and the photorealistic simulations that we have now.

Society is evolving, the technology is growing, so if we can do this, you can imagine that some higher beings might be the ones controlling us and our lives.

He even compared our planet with an ant farm in a higher being’s bedroom.

The Matrix

A similar comparison would come from The Matrix. This amazing sci-fi classic from 1999 clearly showed people defying the laws of gravity, vanishing, and running on walls.

These ideas felt very different at the time, however, all of that took part in a simulation created by sentient

Our life might very well be such a simulation where we have little to no control over what we are doing, where we are going, and the things we want to pursue.

It can be very hard to distinguish real life from a simulation. Many physicists believe that such a simulation can be real, and we don’t really know exactly how life can expand and grow without the right ideas. 

Of course, just because The Matrix movie was created in such a way, that doesn’t mean our own Matrix would be similar. It can be entirely different, and there are multiple reasons why we might actually live in a simulation.

ust think about it, no matter how much we tried, we just think about aliens but we never saw them. Also, human DNA can contain a computer virus and climate change can appear out of nowhere. 

What’s Real?

The idea of ghosts is also rather irrefutable. Those might be the only issues in the simulation, something we don’t understand. Then there are people who feel they lived through the same situation at least twice.

All of these things might not seem like a lot, but they clearly show that our lives might be influenced by some things beyond our control.


At the end of the day, there’s a possibility we live in a massive simulation like The Matrix and we don’t even know it.

There are small bits of proof here and there, so it’s entirely possible. It will be very hard to prove, although as technology evolves, we will find more and more ways to understand the world around us.

If this is true, however, what type of beings are we? Where do we live and if so, why did we choose to be a part of this world?

These are all excellent questions, although we might never know the answer to them!

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