How Meditation Changed My Life!
Published On - August 26, 2021

It’s been two years now since I started the beautiful art of meditation, it’s all started when I was going through a very difficult time in my life.

I was finding everything so hard to cope with, I was on the brink of a breakdown, every day was a struggle to stop my mind from thinking negative thoughts.

I was truly suffering deep down and could not find a way out of this horrible state of mind. 

The Discovery 

I tried everything to get on a positive vibration, to no avail, I did not want to see or speak to anyone. I preferred to hide away from the world and suffer in silence, the only person I could talk to was my youngest brother.

Has he had started his spiritual path years before and always spoke to me about his experiences and benefits? But at this time I thought it was just smoke and mirrors, so I never ever took him seriously.

Every day I would want to cry, I could not understand the purpose of life, and no matter how hard I tried to go through life in the right way somehow something bad would happen to me. and I would lose my character in crazy ways. 

And to put the icing on the cake one of my eldest brothers, one of 4 past away suddenly, and things went from bad to worst. Especially after losing a sister just a few short years before that.

One particular day out of the blue my youngest brother sent me a Motivational Video from YouTube, and the feeling it gave me I have no words to describe it, all I can say is, it’s as if it was sent straight from God or Source energy, as I now like to call it. 

I Found Meditation 

It was the most uplifting event that had happened to me in a long time, and it came on a day that I needed it the most, it truly felt as if my brother was thinking deeply about me and was guided in some way to send it to me in that particular moment.

It was so beautiful yet very powerful, all I wanted was more of where that content came from. 

From that moment I started to look for more and more of that type of content, and after just a few short days.

I found articles about meditation and the benefits of seeking the silence within, this was such a revelation for me and I took it seriously.

Determined to study and understand meditation to the highest degree. this has been a lifesaver because now I see that if I didn’t learn how to be at peace with myself, I don’t think I would have made it this far. 


Meditation is a mental exercise that I practice every day, where I train myself to sit in silence, from anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. detaching myself from the noise of the outside world, seeking my inner peace. 

I start by sitting comfortably in a place where I will not be disturbed with my back straight with my legs crossed and the back of my palms resting on top of my knees. 


It’s at this moment I set an intention for the mediation. And use my breath to get into a relaxed state of mind. I breathe in through my nose slowly to the count of seven I then hold for one second and breath out through my mouth slowly again to the count of seven. I repeat this until I feel relaxed and at peace.

Then I start to give gratitude for everything in my life thus far. I give thanks for waking up in the morning, for having beautiful children.

For my health my energy and also for being able to meditate every day. I give thanks for the beautiful planet in which we live and the list goes on, reminding myself that we are God’s highest form of creation.

And that we have the power to create our lives exactly the way we want them to be. also with meditation, we have one of the most powerful tools to help us achieve our dreams. 

After giving gratitude I start to visualize my dreams and desires, whilst remembering a quote from Neville Goddard ” all transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed.

The first step in the ‘renewing of the mind’ is desire. You must want to be different” (and intend to be) before you can begin to change yourself. 

Then you must make your future dream a present fact. You do this by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

By desiring to be other than what you are, you can create an ideal of the person you want to be and assume that you are already that person. If this assumption is persisted it will become your dominant feeling, and the attainment of your ideal is inevitable.


Whilst visualizing I feel a lot of emotions in my heart as if everything I’m asking the universe for is already mine, I hold on to this feeling for some time.

The experience is so beautiful, my vibration is now on another level. My body feels energized and my mind is clear and all the negativity is a thing of the past. 

This is truly one of the most beautiful feelings, especially when you remember why you are doing it. Meditation is a Godsend and it’s a shame it’s not taught in schools knowing just how old the practice is. 

Since embarking on this journey of meditation it has truly changed my life, I now understand why I had to go through the things I experienced. It has certainly made me a better version of myself.

Your Thoughts Are Powerful

I now realize that our thoughts are a type of energy, and we get what we think about, good or bad. You see we live in a universe that is based on attraction, and what we think and feel most of the day is what will turn up in our reality whether you want it or not.

It’s so important to control the way you think, on a day-to-day basis, as the mind is the most powerful force in this beautiful universe we live in.

Yes, it is hard at first to try and control our thoughts, as we have so many. According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts.

But when you start to Meditate and realize how powerful this practice really is. It all becomes much easier to let go of the negative thought patterns, and slowly but surely you will come to realize that you are the master of your universe.

And we are here to create our world in the most loving and harmonious way, “and you do this with your thoughts”

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Do I Need Any Special Tools? 

The practice of meditation is not hard, you don’t need any special tools you only need is to make time to be with yourself, in some places you won’t get disturbed.

Even if just five minutes a day take that time to find that peaceful place in your mind, everything is practice and practice makes perfect. 

Final Words

This journey of mine has had its ups and downs and taken me into deep water, but with the art of meditation I have come out alive on the other side, with a greater understanding in the meaning of life.

We are all on a journey and it should be a beautiful one, every experience is a lesson and one to be proud of learning good or bad.

We need the bad lessons, as when you see what you don’t want, you know exactly what you do want. “Love and peace I wish all you guys the best” 

Neville Goddard quote “feeling is the secret” 

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