6 Great Spiritual Lessons Every Child Should Learn – To Live The Life Of Their Dreams!
Published On - February 24, 2022
Spiritual Lessons

Spiritual lessons have a way of not only making us more self-aware but also giving us an understanding of our purpose in life.

Spiritual lessons are also important for children to learn as they teach children to be kind, responsible, and loving towards themselves and others.

As we all know growing can be hard, there are all sorts of messages and expectations coming at you, and it can be easy to get lost in the hustle.

We are born with a beautiful gift. It is the gift of free which nobody can take from you.

The world will do its best to lure you away from what your heart and soul most desires.

And the choices you make today will affect your future.

Trying to be as successful as possible and leading an extraordinary life takes discipline and effort on your part.

As a parent, you have an important role in your child’s life as they begin to explore their world.

It’s important for children to learn from their mistakes and make better decisions in the future.

You can help steer them in the right direction by instilling them with some great spiritual lessons.

Here are 6 great spiritual lessons that will help your child grow into happy and healthy well-rounded individuals.

1) You are the creator of your own reality.

Let’s teach our children that they are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Help them to understand to focus on the things they want, rather than focusing on the things they don’t want.

Tell them to believe in themselves, believe in miracles, and believe that all things are possible.

And to understand If you can Visualize it, you will attract it into your life!

You create your own reality through your thoughts, so make sure those thoughts are positive and uplifting.

If a thought comes into your head that doesn’t feel good, simply change it by thinking a more positive thought instead.

Help your child understand that the only true power comes from within.

We’re living in a culture where we’re constantly seeking external validation from others and looking for people to follow instead of leading our own lives.

Teach your child that he or she has everything she needs inside to achieve great things in life.

And no amount of fame, money, or power can ever give them this feeling of inner peace and security.

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2) The world is one big school of awakening

We all have a spirit that longs for adventure and knowledge.

The world is one big school of awakening.

When we are born our brains are like sponges, and we absorb everything around us.

We see our parents and other adults in our lives as examples of how to act and behave.

As we grow we learn lessons, some good, some bad.

It’s important to remember that life is a constant learning process.

We never stop growing and learning as an individual.

Spiritual lessons can be learned at any time in one’s life, however, if we teach them to our children when they are young.

They will carry those positive spiritual lessons with them for the rest of their lives.

Spiritual Lessons

3) Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to attract more happiness, abundance, and positivity into your life.

Being thankful for what you have right now brings you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Being grateful also helps us to appreciate things that we often take for granted.

It can help children to be aware of all the blessings they have in their lives, even if they are going through a tough time.

The benefits of practicing gratitude are profound, it increases self-awareness, resilience, empathy, optimism, and positive emotions, and can reduce depression and anxiety.

Gratitude also helps children to form stronger relationships with others.

Because when we’re grateful for what we have, we’re less likely to compare ourselves to others.

The beauty about gratitude is that it’s something that every child can practice every day not just during the holiday season!

There are many ways to teach children about gratitude and make it a part of their everyday lives.

Use a gratitude jar at home or in the classroom.

Write down things you feel grateful for on little notes and pop them into the jar.

You could also fill the jar with photos of your family, friends, pets, or other things that make you happy!

Many of us get wrapped up in the moment and forget to be grateful for the lives we have!

4) Understanding the power of emotions

Children need to be taught at a young age how to deal with their emotions in healthy ways.

They need to understand that there are different emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, and fear.

Teaching them how to identify these emotions will be important for them.

Later on in life when they will have to deal with all types of people and situations.

This is one of the most challenging lessons for children and adults alike.

We all need to learn how to handle our emotions, especially anger and fear.

I think it’s important to teach kids that anger can be handled in healthy ways as an adult, which means they must learn how to handle their anger as a child.

Spiritual Lessons

5) Never give up on your dreams

This lesson is by far the most important lesson you can teach a child.

Never giving up on your dreams is such a great lesson because it gives a child hope for their future.

A child who feels capable of accomplishing their dreams is one who will be happy and successful in life, regardless of how the world reacts to them.

When you tell your child that they can accomplish any goal, no matter what anyone else says.

It gives them a strong sense of self-worth and confidence that will stay with them throughout their entire lives.

It also teaches them to believe in themselves, which is another wonderful thing to pass on to our children.

I have often said that if someone told me I could never do anything else in my life.

I would still be happy because I still have faith that one day, somehow, someway, my dreams will come true!

We live in an era where the entire world is within our reach.

All we need to do is capture it and make it our own.

We have the power of dreams, and no matter how crazy they may sound, there’s nothing that can stop us from working towards them.

As children, all of us have a million dreams and aspirations for the future but as we grow older, those dreams slowly fade away.

Some of us fulfill them, while others get caught up in the mundane routine of life and forget their true purpose.

However it’s never too late to change this pattern though and embrace your childhood dreams once again!

6) Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

This is one of the most famous and well-known sayings in all of human history.

It comes from a passage in the Bible (Luke 6:31) and is often called the Golden Rule for its simple wisdom.

This piece of advice has been used by people over the years to teach children how to behave at home and in schools.

It’s an easy idea to remember because it’s just two sentences long.

But there are many layers to this rule that don’t always appear on the surface.

What do we mean by “do unto others”?

We have a variety of interpretations that can lead us down different paths.

And what does “have them do to you” mean?

This rule is a bit vaguer than some other principles in life, but it still offers some guidance when we need it most.

This is a simple yet profound way to live.

It can help you to be happy and allow you to feel good about how other people treat you.

It’s also a way of showing others the respect they deserve.

Living by this motto may not solve all of your problems, but it will make your life easier, more pleasant, and more peaceful.


The spiritual lessons to be learned and developed as a child will stay with them throughout their lives and influence all they do.

They become a part of their worldview and inform the actions associated with it.

Help them to understand that they are the captain of their own ship, so to speak.

They will always have access to all the guidance, wisdom, and resources they will need.

But it’s up to them to make the final decision as to what action they will take.

Make sure that they understand!

“Your thoughts and feelings reflect the world around you. It is not possible for others to treat you badly unless you believe they can.”

“You are not responsible for other people’s thoughts, feelings, or actions. You are only responsible for your own.”

“Problems are opportunities to learn and grow. Many people think that problems are bad things, when in fact they are an important part of everyone’s experience on earth.”

“There are no limits on what is possible in life, except the limitations we impose on ourselves.”

“Everything you desire is on its way to you, but this will come in perfect and divine timing·”

Namaste 🙏🏾

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