A Guide to Subliminal Messages – What They Mean and How They Can Help You.
Published On - January 3, 2022
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A Guide to Subliminal Messages – What They Mean and How They Can Help You.

Subliminal messages are messages, images, or sounds that are designed to influence us without our conscious awareness.

They can be used in a variety of ways including for cognitive behavior modification.

Advertising campaigns, in self-help books and tapes, in music CDs, in movies and television shows, and more.

We’ve all experienced this phenomenon when we encounter a word or phrase that makes us think of something else.

These types of messages are used by marketers to persuade consumers to buy their products.

Using psychological triggers to influence their decision-making process without them realizing it.

But how do these messages affect us? What happens when we hear one?

And how can we use them for ourselves?

Let’s dive in deeper to find out!

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What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are the messages you see and hear but don’t consciously register.

They’re a powerful tool to motivate, inspire, and influence your subconscious mind.

But first, let’s discuss what the subconscious mind is.

The word “subconscious” comes from two Latin words, sub meaning below or beneath and conscientia meaning consciousness or knowledge.

In other words, it means that which we are not aware of at the moment.

That would include our thoughts and feelings as well as memories that we can’t remember consciously.

It sounds like some sort of magic trick on the mind but it is not.

Subliminal messages are often associated with the idea that they can be used to control or manipulate people.

But in reality, they are not effective when it comes to this.

They are most effective when used for meditation and self-help purposes.

Subliminal messages are images or sounds (words) inserted into the background of another

Subliminal messages are images and words that we can’t perceive consciously, but they still affect us.

These messages work by subconsciously triggering responses in our minds.

It’s the same principles as the placebo effect.

If you’re looking for a way to motivate yourself or help your loved ones.

Then subliminal messaging just might be the answer!

The idea is that they influence your behavior without you even realizing they are there.

Some of the most common subliminal messages include.

● ” Buy Me”

” Drink Me.”

” I Am”

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How subliminal messages work on our brains

Believe it or not, our brains respond to subliminal messages even if we don’t consciously experience them.

The messages are designed to influence the subconscious mind

This is how they work on us!

What happens when we hear a word that triggers another word or phrase that we associate with it?

For example, if we hear “cake” we might think of eating cake and feel hungry.

This happens because our brains don’t always process words like we think it does.

When someone says “cake,” for example, the brain might process it as “take,”

So instead of hearing the original word, you hear the second word instead.

The brain registers these words as something meaningful and sends a signal to your body to initiate actions related to those words.

The use of subliminal messages in marketing

The use of subliminal messages in marketing is one of the biggest ways it can influence our decisions without us realizing it.

When we encounter a word or phrase that triggers another thought or feeling, we’ve experienced subliminal messaging.

Some consumers may feel like the company they are purchasing from is trustworthy because they’re using this tactic.

Whilst others might just buy a product because they see a word on a billboard that reminds them of something else and makes them want to buy it.

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What happens when we hear a subliminal message?

We might have an involuntary response, such as feeling hungry after hearing the sound of someone eating.

We may also have an emotional response as well as thoughts about what is happening around us as a result of hearing the message.

In other words, even if we don’t consciously notice a subliminal message, our subconscious mind will have some sort of reaction to it.

How to use subliminal messages for ourselves?

Subliminal messages are messages that are not consciously perceived by the recipient.

If you were to be consciously aware of a subliminal message.

It would be processed by our conscious mind and then rejected by our brain.

But while these messages may not affect us consciously.

There is evidence that they do affect us subconsciously.

Research has shown that images flashed in front of your eyes without you realizing it can affect your behavior and choices.

For example, when people were exposed to pictures of fast food,

Their anxiety levels decreased and they wanted to eat more unhealthy food than those who weren’t exposed to the stimuli at all.

For years, marketers and advertisers have been using this technique for persuasion.

Showing an image or phrase which subconsciously triggers a person’s desires and influences them to buy the product being advertised.

It’s a way for companies to capitalize on psychological triggers we experience in order to sell more products.

While these messages may not work on our conscious minds.

There is proof that they do work on our subconscious minds.

That means we can use these messages for ourselves!

And there are many different ways we can take advantage of the power.

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Consciously using subliminal messages

Consciously using subliminal messages means utilizing them on your own terms rather than someone else’s.

You can use this technique to achieve the goals that you want without the need for any outside help.

For example, if you wanted to stop smoking you could listen to a CD while you’re getting ready for bed

This is designed to help reduce your cravings for cigarettes while getting a good night’s sleep.

You can also utilize subliminal messages when you’re trying to lose weight.

By listening to a hypnosis session or watching a movie.

With positive messages about health and fitness that will seep into our subconscious throughout the entire time we’re listening or watching.

Common misconceptions about subliminal messages

Many people have a misconception about what subliminal messages are.

The truth is that subliminal messages don’t magically happen to you through any exterior source.

They work by being inserted into your environment.

This means that the cell phone messaging system you use likely has a setting so that it says “Hello” when you turn on your phone.

It also means that if a TV show is trying to get across the message of love.

They’ll need to insert the phrase “love” into the dialogue of their show in order for it to have an effect.

Useful as they may be, subliminal messages aren’t miraculous or magical.

They’re simply a tool created to help influence behavior and change things more easily for someone who’s going through a tough time.

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Have you ever wondered how some people get rich without lifting a finger?

It’s because they understand how to use subliminal messages to their advantage.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve been exposed to subliminal messages throughout your life.

The key to using this tool is understanding the difference between the types of messages.

And the difference between conscious and unconscious messages.

Reign in your conscious mind and let your unconscious mind work for you.

It’s time to harness the power of subliminal messages for good!

They can also be used to help overcome any number of mental or physical limitations,

No matter what you may be trying to do in life, there is always a way to incorporate subliminal messages into the process.

Namaste 🙏🏾

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