What Is a Lightworker? – How To Understand 8 Symptoms.
Published On - January 2, 2022

Have you ever felt like you’re not living up to your full potential in life?

Do you feel as though you have a purpose beyond the physical world? If so, then you might be a lightworker.

A lightworker is an individual who lives in service of a greater cause, who has found their purpose in the spiritual realm.

They understand fully that the true essence of life is spiritual and that they are eternal beings existing within a physical form.

There are many different types of lightworkers and there’s no specific path they must follow.

I’m going to explore what it means to be a lightworker and how it relates to my own personal journey.

Maybe there is someone in your life now, or maybe it’s you, who is the lightworker.

Not everyone knows what lightworker symptoms are, but I will explain it all in this article!

And show you how to use your gift to help others?

Get ready for some enlightening reading!

Light Worker

A lightworker is an individual who has chosen to incarnate on the earth plane with the purpose of helping humanity.

They have a heightened awareness of the world around them and have come here to help raise the vibrations of the planet.

Lightworkers are also known as starseeds, earth angels, healers, empaths, old souls and indigos.

May also feel as though they do not really belong on this planet, as if they are just visiting or helping out, but are not truly native to this place.

Lightworkers are also naturally spiritually oriented, and often have a strong connection to the angels and spirit guides.

Since they may remember having lived on other planets or levels of reality, it is natural for them to believe in non-physical beings and dimensions.

Lightworkers tend to be more sensitive than others, both emotionally and physically.

They can easily pick up on other peoples’ moods and emotions, sometimes without even being consciously aware of it.

This is because many lightworkers are empaths that is, they can sense what others around them are feeling inside.

This means that lightworkers often take on the pain of others in order to help them heal, which can be overwhelming at times.

All these terms refer to people who have come here from other realms or higher dimensions in order to assist humanity through the transition into a new age of enlightenment.

We are currently living in a time of great change on planet earth. We are entering an era of enlightenment where we experience a shift in consciousness from fear to love and from separation to unity.

This is a huge task for humanity and we need all the help that we can get! Lightworkers are people who have volunteered to come down onto the earth plane at this time in order to help us make this shift happen.

When it comes to understanding what a lightworker is, there is one main thing that we need to know.

The energy that a lightworker carries is not like any other type in the universe!

Lightwork Spirituality

A lightworker is a person who has the ability to see and feel the energy around them, whether this energy has a positive or negative intention.

lightworkers are people who have been working on themselves for a while and have gone through their own process.

They have been through the ups and downs of this life, as well as all the other lives they’ve lived.

And now they come to help you.

Other people might experience their lightworker symptoms as intuition, clairvoyance, or precognition.

These spiritual workers are often able to help others with healing and will typically have experienced their own life-changing transformations before becoming one.

Lightworkers can be found in many different professions including teachers, nurses, doctors, clergy members, counselors, healers, astrologers, artists, photographers.

Lightworker Physical Appearance

Lightworkers can come in any form, but they always have one thing in common.

They are here to help you raise your vibration.

They may be your best friend, your mom, or your brother; they could be someone you don’t know very well or someone you’ve only met once.

What makes all these people lightworkers is their desire to help uplift others and show them how much they are loved.

There are many ways to identify a lightworker.

One way is by seeing what they post on social media.

You can tell that they’re trying to uplift others by what they share on Facebook or Instagram.

If you see that the person posts motivational quotes every day shares stories of triumphs over adversity or answers questions about life with love and compassion.

Then there’s a good chance that the person might be a lightworker.

Another way to identify a lightworker is by looking at the way they use their energy internally and externally.

They know how to take care of themselves first before caring for others because it gives them the energy needed to help others flourish.

You might notice that this person will put themselves first by spending time alone each day, meditating daily, looking for inner wisdom.


What Are Lightworkers Symptoms

If you’re seeing signs that you might be a lightworker, this is how to recognize the symptoms.

Here are a few ways to know if you’re one.


Many lightworkers do not feel like they fit into this world. They often feel different or disconnected from most other people they meet, and often suffer from loneliness due to their unique differences.


Lightworkers feel a very strong desire to help others in any way they can. Most of them volunteer for charity organizations or spend their time helping others as much as possible.

They have a deep need to be of service to others, and cannot rest until they have helped everyone around them in any way possible


People who are sensitive and open to the energies around them tend to be more perceptive about the feelings and emotions of those around them.

Than those who aren’t so sensitive. Lightworkers tend not only to be aware of these feelings but also try their


Lightworkers do not enjoy being in the center of attention and prefer to be alone or among a small group of people, they know well.

If you often feel like you don’t belong anywhere and that everyone else is different from you, you might be a lightworker.


Lightworkers are very sensitive to the feelings of others and feel their emotions as if they were their own.

This is why they are usually more affected by the negative emotions of others than by their own. If this happens to you too, it’s possible that you’re a lightworker.


Lightworkers are very empathetic with all living creatures and have a strong connection with nature.

They can communicate with plants, animals, trees, and other living beings and sense when something bad is about to happen to them.

If you feel the same way, it’s possible that you’re one of these special souls.


You were probably interested in spirituality or paranormal activities since you were a little child.

You were always interested in how everything works and how our consciousness connects to this physical reality.

You were asking yourself questions like what happens after death? Who created this world? What is life all about?

If any of these sound familiar this might be a sign that you are a lightworker.


You can sense or see other people’s energy. When you walk into a room or meet someone new, you might feel or even see their energy.

Maybe they’re feeling down and are in need of healing. Or perhaps they’re happy and excited – sharing their positive energy with everyone around them!

High-vibration people like this tend to be empaths who can sense others’ emotions.

Many lightworkers claim they’ve always known they were different.

And it’s not uncommon for them to have felt lonely in their lives because no one understands what it’s like to see things differently.

Above all else, being a lightworker means understanding that everything happens for a reason.

When bad things happen in your life, realize that there is something good waiting for you at the end of the day.

Even when there seems to be no way out of a situation.

How can I use my gift as a lightworker?

It’s important to recognize the difference between lightworker symptoms and other types of energy awareness.

And how can I use my gifts to help others?

The first step is understanding that you are not crazy!

There are many people out there who have special abilities, including the ability to sense spirits.

This is called “energy sensitivity.” It means that your body reacts differently to the energies around you.

Your next steps are either finding someone with these abilities who can teach you how they work or finding a book on the subject of energy sensitivity.

A good place to start is by asking family members if they have any idea how these abilities might manifest for you.

If you find yourself feeling constantly drained, emotionally unstable, or constantly surrounded by negative energies, this could be some type of energy sensitivity

What if I don’t experience any of these symptoms?

If you don’t experience any of these symptoms and you’re still unsure if you’re a lightworker, there are other ways to tell.

One is by seeing if you have a natural connection with animals.

If they seem to be drawn to you and show interest when in your presence, it may be a sign that you have this ability.

Another way is to see if you naturally feel the emotions of others or if they pull on your energy.

It’s natural for humans to feel empathy or compassion for others who are suffering, but some people feel the emotions more strongly than others.

The feelings can be so strong that they can drain their energy.

These people often need time and space away from everyone else in order to recuperate and reenergize themselves.

But remember, you don’t always need to experience the feeling in order to know if you’re a lightworker.


Do you feel like there is something you were put on this Earth to do?

Are you always worried about the well-being of others and often find yourself talking about your worry for people or animals?

Are you looking for a way to help others find the same peace and happiness that you’ve found?

If you answered yes, then you might be a lightworker.

As the name implies, lightworkers are people who help others find light in their life.

They often lead through their spirituality and/or faith, but it’s not always the case.

Lightworkers are usually healers, teachers, counselors, and so much more.

And they are usually on a quest to help others find peace and happiness.

Lightworkers are here to be of service to others, help those who are suffering and they tend to be more intuitive than other people.

If this sounds like you!

Then this is not a coincidence!

You really might be a lightworker!

Namaste 🙏🏾


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