The Monkey Mind – 6 Step’s To Become More Productive
Published On - May 5, 2021
Monkey Mind

Why You Have a Monkey Mind

You have a Monkey Mind when you are confused, restless, and unsettled. Usually, this Monkey Mind is the one that will make you feel you’re not doing anything properly.

The problem is that it constantly insists on being heard, so you have to find a way to remove all the toxic ideas and really push your limits!

You must detox your mind if you want to stay away from negativity and all those emotions that push you too much. Thankfully, we are here to show you 5 ways you can detox your mind and re-ignite your creativity, and focus

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Why Meditation is important

because it helps clean up your mind and it makes it easier to focus. All you need is to find a quiet place where you can meditate in silence for up to 15m minutes.

During this time you want to figure out what parts of your life you want to change and assess your feelings. Meditation can be a power for change and it can indeed help you embrace a new perspective.

Go Outside

You don’t have to meditate if you find that hard to do. You can easily go outside and focus a lot more on the idea of walking around, breathing some fresh air, and enjoying nature.

At the end of the day, staying away from the tasks that make you stressed out is what will make things better and easier all the time.


Monkey Mind

Your mind is always juggling and imagining things. Put that into perspective and think about your dreams, what you want to achieve, and what you can do.

Life is a canvas, all you need to focus on is improving your life and really making it incredible. Once you start doing that, it will make a huge difference.

That’s how many entrepreneurs get to really push themselves to the next level. They work hard and visualize their next step, then they put it into action.

Stop limiting yourself

Limiting your beliefs is not ok. What you want to do is to try and be open to all kinds of ideas.

Focus a lot more on learning new things, trying out new stuff, and constantly pushing the boundaries in a rewarding manner.

Stop limiting yourself and focus a lot more on unlocking your true potential.

Put your social media time to an end

You need to realize that wasting time on social with the likes of Facebook Instagram and Youtube makes you less productive. It also clutters your mind and you need to prevent this as much as possible. 

The best thing that you can do is to optimize your workflow, finding new ways to learn things to optimize your work.

Once you do that, you will feel more productive and you will stop wasting time on distractions. 

If you want to get rid of that Monkey Mind feeling and fully detox your mind, these ideas will help a lot.

You need to focus on growth, learning, and improving everything you know. Only then can you achieve success, and the results will be extraordinary!

Final Thoughts 

Most days we are walking around on autopilot, allowing our minds to influence the outcome of our lives. Understanding the monkey mind and how it affects us will bring more clarity into your world.

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