Angel numbers – what they are, and why you might be seeing them?
Published On - November 25, 2021
Angel Numbers

Do you keep seeing numbers, and are not sure of the reason why? a lot of people refer to this as seeing angel numbers, if this is the information you are looking for sit back relax and enjoy this post

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers and their meanings work within the same principles of numerology, for example, if you are seeing numbers in a sequence such as – 111- 444 – 777 or even 333, these types of number sequences are said to be connected to specific vibrational frequencies that have a deep meaning beyond their numerical value.

Angel Numbers

The Connection

The connection between the physical world and the spiritual world is closer than you might think, and our spirit guides don’t always pay attention to the same rules as we do, meaning that they love the opportunity to communicate with us any chance they get.

Giving us validation of being on a certain path, and offering guidance in the form of numbers is one of the many ways they try to communicate with us.

Other Types Of Communication

It’s common to see different types of communication, that come in the form of specific objects such as feathers, rainbows flashes of light, certain animals or insects such as ladybirds or butterflies.

If this is happening to you regularly I would suggest you take a pause and take into account the deeper meaning being offered to you in that specific moment.

Seeing Numbers

It’s not a coincidence to see repeating patterns of numbers, it is a way for divine guidance to communicate messages into our physical world.

These messages are very important which can assist and guide us when we allow them to, most of the time it’s an affirmation that we are moving in the right direction.

Offering us a nudge to make adjustments when going through or facing a transformational period in our life.


List Of Angel Number Meanings

● 0

The number 0. is the first on the list, this angle number represents infinity and when seeing 000 it represents an infinite supply of guidance and support from your spiritual helpers.

This number would appear when you are living your spiritual purpose, as your authentic self, it could also symbolize the begging of something new.

● 1

Number 1, is all about the self, the “self” being you, it’s all about believing in your abilities to succeed in anything you want to achieve,

This number often shows up when something new is about to show up or take place in your life, when seeing the number sequence 111

You are receiving a message that it is time to start manifesting intentionally and that you have spiritual assistance in regards to your dreams and desires

● 2

Number 2, indicates balance as all life is about balance, it also represents opposites such as up & down left and right.

When we are balanced we are in harmony with life, seeing 222 could be a gentle reminder that you need to work on balancing certain aspects of your life.

Maybe you are focusing too much on your mind-body or spirit, more than others things, such as always being active and working without nurturing the mind and spirit through a simple practice like meditation or breathwork.

If you see 222 this number sequence repeatedly it could mean that you need to start looking for ways to restore balance to your life.

● 3

Number 3, is a symbol of completion, 3 represents the past present, and future, an atom consists of three subatomic particles, called protons neutrons, and electrons.

3 is the first number that forms a geometrical figure, such as the triangle which represents stability and unity

If you are seeing the numbers 333 this represents some type of spiritual completion such as aligning with your spiritual purpose,

It indicates strength and the ability to push forward to complete a certain task, seeing the number 333 means you are on the cusp of completing something amazing.


Number 4, is much like the number 2 represents balance and wholeness, number 4 is often a reminder that it’s important to take care of the foundational things in your life.

Such as relationships and self-care, it also represents hopefulness 444 represents entering a new level and being on the right track, and finally at a turning point in your life for the positive, even if it doesn’t feel that way in that particular moment.

● 5

Number 5, is all about the need for change you might see this number often especially when you are feeling stuck, procrastinating, and not being able to move forward.

This could mean its time to move out of your comfort zone, so you can align with a positive and upcoming change in your life,

Numerology tells you that if you are seeing 555 that a path is being provided for you and it’s your job to get on that path and keep moving forward, looking out for opportunities and preparing for a positive change that is coming your way

● 6

Number 6, relates to perspectivity and intuition when people say they have a sixth sense this refers to extrasensory perception and intuition,

Samsara the wheel of life contains six spheres of existence, this number may indicate a need to make adjustments in your perception and awareness.

Angel Numbers

Even though the number 666 has a bad reputation for being used in some evil circles, it actually holds quite a different meaning in angel numerology.

Seeing the number 666 could mean that something in one area of your life is consuming you to the point where it starts affecting other areas.

Emotionally mentally or physically, if you are seeing 666 often, begin to consciously shift your perspective by freeing your mind and body from anything that may be consuming you on a detrimental level, and try restoring balance and harmony in your life.

● 7

Number 7, is by far one of the most powerful numbers when it comes to numerology,

It is a symbol that is regarded as sacred and being in alignment with your divine purpose and nature.

If you are seeing 777 it is said that your alignment is being acknowledged by the universe, it symbolizes an appreciation of your progress and dedication to your higher purpose.

777 could also indicate an upcoming spiritual awakening deeper beyond what you have already experienced and awakened to.

This is an indication that is time to connect on a deeper level with your natural god-given talents and gifts, to create more joy in your life.


● 8

Number 8, represents abundance, all the love, and goodness that you have given to others is now being returned to you in abundance.

This number is to show you that you are being favored and will receive some type of benefit, normally when you see 888 it’s a sign that some kind of windfall is on its way to you, this may come in the form of money kindness or love.

● 9

Number 9, is a sign of fulfillment, it is the end of a numerical sequence, seeing 999 could mean that something in your life is ending.

It signifies a new chapter in your life and symbolizes completion, it shows that growth has taken place, and now you might be about to reap the rewards of seeds already sewn.

This shows that an old cycle has truly been completed, and a window of opportunity opening up to something brand new.

Angel Numbers

Can Show Up Anytime

Angel numbers can show up in our lives at any time especially when we are really in need of them, it is the most common form of communication from the spirit world, giving us the indication to stay on track and keep the faith.

There is so much to learn about angel numbers, it’s a whole subject by its self I will leave a link below to a fantastic book you can read if you wish to gain more knowledge, just click on the book below.

Namaste 🙏🏾

The Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers, How To Embrace The Synchronicities Of Angel Numbers And Achieve the Magic Of Manifestation.

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