Understanding The Pineal Gland & 2 Useful Steps To Help Activate The Third Eye
Published On - November 27, 2021
pineal gland

The third eye is also known as the pineal gland is the gateway to a deeper spiritual connection and heightened intuition, the word pineal comes from the Latin word Pena which means pinecone.

The pineal gland is approximately the size of a pea, shaped similar to a pinecone, and it’s located in the middle of the brain, this small endocrine gland helps produce the hormones necessary to manage your waking and sleeping patterns namely melatonin.

Its major function is to regulate your body’s internal clock, the pineal gland is referred to as the third eye because it is literally a third eye you have in the middle of your brain.

It contains light-sensitive nerve endings and non-visual photoreceptors that react to light, and also has a cornea and a retina.

Over The Years

For centuries mystics have considered the third eye to be connected to deeper intuition and clarity, like a lens that can see beyond our physical reality.

The significance of this appears in every ancient culture throughout the world, it is also said that when the third eye is closed, a person could experience overthinking and a lack of purpose, and an inability to connect deeply with his or her higher self.

Having the third eye open means having the ability to move beyond the five senses and to tap into otherworldly information that might otherwise be hidden.

Our bodies interpret the physical experience, whereas the third eye can be used to tune into other planes of existence with much more resources information plus deeper intuitive insights.

Secrets Of the Soul

Often referred to as the seat of the soul, where your mind and body meet the spirit, the third eye has fantastic transformational properties, opening the third eye will give you the ability to connect with extrasensory perceptions and the beauty that those perceptions can offer us in our physical lives.

It’s also being said that the illusion of the separation between the self and the spirit melts away when the third eye is opened consciously connected, developed, and refined allowing us to do things such as astral travel, lucid dreaming, and jump realities.


pineal gland

Why Your Third Eye Is Closed

The third eye is designed to open naturally when the conditions are appropriate, however in the times we live in, these conditions rarely arise spontaneously for this to happen.

From an early age, most of us are conditioned to think and behave in certain ways and often taught a myriad of rules that have the ability to pinch us off from our inner voice and our inner wisdom.

Opening Your Third Eye

This ancient technique will change this by activating your pineal gland, “warning” this is a powerful and intense exercise that can produce intense experiences for some individuals, a lot of traditions caution against esoteric methods for altering your consciousness, and its highly advisable to exercise caution and care when attempting this.

Step 1

Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position with your eyes closed, allowing yourself to breathe deeply and slowly.

Don’t force your breath just observe it, recognize through detached observation your breath naturally beginning to slow down,

Step 2

Once your breathing has slowed down to a rhymic pattern send your attention to the third eye region of your head above your nose and just between your eyes, and imagine you are breathing in a golden white light through your third eye center.

The key component for this exercise to be successful is remaining to be relaxed and avoid trying to force this to work, letting go of any expectations that might cause tension, and blocking the natural flow of energy.

I would advise doing this for several minutes a day for a few days, to exercise your third eye muscle,

This type of relaxed focus releases neuropeptides and nitric oxide which in turn trigger the relaxation response, in doing this a chemical signals allow you to move into a deeper meditative state whilst stimulating the third eye.

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As mentioned before melatonin is the main chemical produced and circulated by the pineal gland, researchers at Taiwan University found ut that through the use of MRI scans that meditation does in fact trigger the activation of the pineal gland.

Here is what you can expect during or after performing this process!

You will feel slight pressure or tingling sensation, or a pulsating sensation in the middle of your forehead, it could also feel as if there is a mini heart beating in your forehead.

This is a positive indication that the third eye is awakening and the pineal gland is beginning to function in a healthy manner.

At this point you could start to hear sounds coming from within your head that produce light, cracking, or popping sensations, you might start to see colors of blue-purple or white and also see intense white-colored dots.

Feeling This Sensation

It’s highly possible that you have opened your third eye, when you close your eyes just before you go to sleep you may see mental images in your mind, sometimes these images are vivid and blurred.

After this process, such images are often thought to be the lense of your pineal gland tuning into different dimensions, when you are vibrating on a different frequency you may also pick up on higher vibrations.

It’s also quite possible that you could experience any and all of these things, such as faster or easier learning and retention, an increase in intuition, extreme flashes of insight, increased creativity.

Psychic development of intuitive gifts that become stronger, such as psychic vision known as remote viewing and psychic hearing, the ability to see or sense human auras, and more overall clarity, plus a heightened sense of empathy.

The ability to make quick and effective decisions, when making powerful practices with your body may lead you to experience some slight discomfort, in order to adapt to these psychic qualities that align with your higher potential.

Upon Opening Your Third Eye

If you manage to open your third eye and realize it’s something you do not want, you can reverse it, the easiest way to do this is by visualizing an invisible eyelid in the middle of your forehead.

Now place your finger on the invisible eyelid and softly pull down the eyelid over your third eye to close it.

As simple as this sounds, this is very effective, in the event of opening your third eye, I hope that you do this with the intent of evolving to a deeper level creating a deeper connection to your spiritual self.

Third eye

This process is to be completed with respect care and sacredness as you are summoning a deeper part of you to come forth into your physical experience, as your third eye opens and activates.

You will begin to perceive your reality differently, you might even wake up to many new realities that were unavailable to you before,

Namaste 🙏🏾


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